About Us

For 150 years Apave company has been a loyal partner and leader in the field of risk management, which ensures its clients a full range of technical and intellectual services in the areas of project management, inspection, technical support, testing and measuring, training and consulting.

In order to achieve human and property safety as well as reaching maximum business results, 200 000 clients placed their trust in Apave company. More than 9800 experts from the field of risk management in 110 countries all over the world every day do their best to justify the trust and promptly respond to clients’ needs.

The company Apave VerTech d.o.o was established in 2013. as a part of Apave Group.

The company Apave VerTech d.o.o is authorized for all of the Apave Group’s work, and in accordance with the need of Serbian market, our company pays special attention to Nondestructive testing (NDT), as well as Rope Access.

In the beginning of 2016., the scope of the company’s services has been extended to Inspection that is implemented according to the requirements of the reference standard ISO / IEC 17020, while the certification of personnel is realized according to the requirements of the reference standard of ISO / IEC 17024.

The goal of Apave VerTech company during 2016 is to confirm its competence by the Accreditation Body of Serbia towards the requirements of the aforementioned standards.

More about company Apave on website Apave International: www.apave-international.com

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