Traditional jobs department

In the Sector of traditional jobs, our certified experts, by obeying all the standards and precautions, give services in conducting work at height in a good and efficient way by using Rope Access on the hard-to-reach places and objects.

Some of the work our employees do using Rope Access technics are: installation of telecommunication and electrical equipment and devices, assembly and disassembly of all kinds of advertising banners, cleaning snow and ice, washing inaccessible areas, changing the glass.

Work on heights while using working equipment are activities where there is a danger of falling off the edge higher than 2m above ground because working space is not proofed from heights. Applying Rope Access methods, we ensure our clients an efficient and precise service providing with a significant cost saving.

Rope Access is a growing industry. Reason for this is that Rope Access comparing to conventional methods sets records when safety is concerned, and all that with greater savings. To our client that is the reason why Rope Access method is seen as the best possible solution for fulfilling the jobs on heights.

Our employees have internationally acknowledged IRATA certificates. While conducting work we use most modern attested alpine equipment, because in our work, which is a high-risk job, we are striving to minimize any possible risk, considering the fact that for us safety comes first.

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